Month: November 2014

Advanced Warfare – Best Assault Rifle in the Game (OPINION)

Continuing our series of best weapons in Advanced Warfare let’s talk about assault rifles. ARs are a core part of most Call of Duty games. In fact, they’re often the preferred weapon category for most players simply because assault rifles are generally good to use in most situations. Advanced Warfare Best Assault Rifle They’re got decent range, deal out a moderate amount of damage, and most aren’t hard to master. Nearly every player of any skill level can take out opponents in a match using an AR. That being said, Advanced Warfare offers 6 different assault rifles to choose from...

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Advanced Warfare – Best Sniper Rifle in the Game (OPINION)

Sniping has become a core part of the Call of Duty game series. Whether it’s traditional sniping (hardscoping at distances to pick enemies off from afar) or doing more unrealistic, extreme techniques such as quickscoping or trickshotting, sniping is definitely a popular thing in CoD and, of course, Advanced Warfare. But in order to be a successful sniper you’ve got to know which weapon fits your personal style best. So what sniper rifle performs the best in AW? Below we dive into this topic and reveal what we believe to be the top-notch guns in this weapon category. Advanced...

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Advanced Warfare – Best SMG in the Game (OPINION)

We’ve been getting a LOT of questions about weapons lately, mainly concerning which guns we think are the best in each category. So, starting today, we’re going to publish of series of articles where we reveal what we believe are currently the best weapons in each set. Let’s start off with SMGs. These small, super mobile guns are fast and deadly. But which ones takes the crown as king of AW multiplayer? Advanced Warfare Best SMG Submachine guns are one of our absolute favorite weapon types. While there aren’t a ton to choose from in Advanced Warfare there are still some decent ones...

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CoD Advanced Warfare Supply Drops Overview

A brand new way to customize your character has been introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Known as Supply Drops they work fairly similarly to the Battlepacks found in Battlefield 4. Every so often after a match is over you’ll be rewarded with a supply drop. They contain a variety of loot including weapon variants, cosmetic gear, and even boosts. Supply Drop Loot Loot you can acquire from a supply drop is categorized into 3 different rarities: Enlisted (Most common and basic type) Professional (Slightly higher than basic tier) Elite (Highest rarity tier, more rare) Of course the more...

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How to Level Up Faster in CoD Advanced Warfare

Finding your leveling progress in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a bit slow? Want to unlock those awesome prestige emblems in less time? Well, lucky you, you’re on the right page. We’re going to be talking about the different ways you can rack up experience in CoD Advanced Warfare. How to Level Up Fast in Advanced Warfare As with past titles, CoD AW features a few different ways to earn XP. In order to squeeze the most XP out of every playing session you’re going to want to follow the tips and tricks listed below. These tips will help you gain loads...

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