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Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Overview

For fans of the survival-style FPS games Call of Duty titles, primarily from Treyarch, have featured a whole campaign separate from both the traditional story mode and multiplayer. While it wasn’t available at launch, this game experience is returning in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.   Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Because this title in the series wasn’t made by Treyarch it won’t be exactly the same, but it’s pretty similar and has new aspects to it. Instead of the traditional zombies the creatures that players will face-off against in Sledgehammer’s take on zombies will have more maneuverability because they’ll be...

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Advanced Warfare Infographic Reveals Most Used Weapons, Exo Abilities, Etc

Been trying to figure out which weapons players use the most in Advanced Warfare? Or maybe you want to know what the most common Exo ability to throw on a class is? Well, thanks to an infographic recently released by Sledgehammer Games, we now know the answers to these statistics and a lot more. Check it out: Here are the stats that this image reveals… Players have executed well over 105 trillion boost jumps, a common Exo movement used to move around more quickly even in the air. Assault Rifles dominate the game followed by SMGs, Heavy weapons, and Sniper Rifles. There have been over 195 million dog fight kills. Players have earned nearly 1.4 billion supply drops since the game launched. 2.4 billion loot items have been collected. Of those billions of items earned only 361 million have been Elite versions. Nearly 2.6 billion exo zombies have been eliminated. Over 223 million waves of zombies have been completed. Frag grenades are the most popular, followed closely by Semtex. Other grenade types are rarely used (7% or less). Over 2.25 trillion grenades have been used total. Players have used Exo abilities more than 2.45 trillion times. The most popular abilities are Overclock, Shield, and...

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Advanced Warfare 2XP Event Kicks Off for St. Patty’s Day

Got the day off since it’s St. Patrick’s Day? Well, you can spend it boozing it up (providing you’re 21+) AND gaming. Sledgehammer Games has announced that a new double XP event is available for all Advanced Warfare players. The event started at 9am PST and will continue through 9am PST tomorrow, March 18th. On top of earning bonus experience players will also be able to score some new gear pieces. SHgames stated that new gear sets are being added to AW. Anyone that logs into the game between now and 3/20 will get the Atlas Engineer Exosuit added...

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CoD AW OHM LMG and Shotgun 2-in-1 Weapon Overview

With the upcoming release of the Ascendance DLC pack, Advanced Warfare is getting yet another new weapon. But it’s really like we’re getting 2 new guns. Why? Well because this new weapon is a 2-in-1 directed energy LMG and shotgun. That’s right, you’re going to get to run around with a powerful LMG be able to swap to a shotty on the fly. The new weapon is called the OHM and season pass owners on the Xbox consoles already have access to it. Everyone else will be able to use it if they purchase the Ascendance DLC on release day. OHM Weapon Stats Right...

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New Double XP Weekend and Playlists Inbound for Advanced Warfare

Looking to catch up to your friends in terms of prestige levels in Advanced Warfare? Well, this weekend you’ll be given a golden opportunity to do so. Sledgehammer Games just announced that a new double XP weekend event will be starting in just a couple days on January 23rd. On top of the new 2XP event there will also be a couple of new playlists for players to try out. First off the map Comeback will be featured in a 24/7 playlist. As far as we know this one will only be available for the weekend so if you’re a...

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